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Do people really use a poop scooping service?

Yes!! Many busy families, professionals, and people who just don't like this chore enjoy the time, energy, and hassle SuperScoopers saves them!
With no contracts we encourage you to try our services and see how it changes your life!

Do you service if it's raining or snowing?

We do our best to service no matter the weather- however, if road or weather conditions are too dangerous, we will postpone until the next available day.

Can my dogs be in the yard while you scoop?

Typically, yes! If your pets are friendly, we are more than happy if they are out with us!
However, for our safety, if a dog has shown aggressive behavior, we ask that they are kept inside while we take care of your yard!

Can I choose my service day(s)?

In order to give you the best price, we schedule our route according to location. We do our absolute best to provide service when you need it!

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