SuperScoopers Pet Services LLC

Providing affordable poop scooping services to the Morgantown and Fairmont area!


What Does SuperScoopers "Doo"?

Providing peace-of-mind and freeing your time

We take our time to walk your entire yard, collect all waste, then we dispose it! 

We take pride in our service and go above by being attentive to any concerns about your companions waste, take small trash away, and of course give treats and pats to your pet!

Wet grass

Why use a pooper scooper service?

Health. Safety. Convenience.

Dog poop:

  • ​Is unsightly

  • Smells

  • Attracts pests

  • Poses a danger to environment and family


  • Is easy to begin

  • Requires no commitment

  • Gives you peace-of-mind

  • Provides a convenient upmarket service


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